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Hello. Megan Taylor here. I'm a big fan of StarKid, Cats the musical, Glee, Harry Potter, Batman and many more things.
I'm a fangirl and proud.
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    fefefeferniss asked: Tarzan or The Lion King

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    Disney Dream Portraits phone backgrounds. Feel free to use it.

    Full size of the backgrounds of the last row: x, x, x.

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     asked   : Anna's Coronation Dress or Anna's Winter Outfit?

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    Do they give sass lessons in Azkaban or something?

    People always forget that Sirius Black is the king of sass and drama.

    But think about this. 

    Chemistry isn’t a Hogwarts subject. Potions is. But of course Sirius knows that Snape is a half-blood, and that he hates being a half-blood. Not only is Sirius being a sassy motherfucker but he says precisely the thing he knows will push Snape’s buttons the most - he mentions something Muggle related.

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